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Vicky Isley & Paul Smith aka
boredomresearch have gained an international reputation for interrogating the creative role of computing. Their enthusiasm for scientific modelling techniques and fascination with natural systems inspires them to produce software art that presents an exciting alternative to our technologically fraught lives. Their artworks develop themes and cross boundaries between science, art and technology. Currently, they are both Research Fellows in Computer Animation & Computer Art at the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University UK.......more info





boredomresearch would like to thank the following people for their RSM contribution...

Advisors: Mark Segal, Josepha Sanna (Artsway) & Helen Sloan (SCAN)
Electronic & Software Engineers: Tim Orman & Chris Brown (DEC, Bournemouth University)
Press & PR: Charles Elder (Marketing, Bournemouth University)
SnailCAM Support: David Bell & Peter Dodds (Hoptic, Edinburgh)
Snail Carers: Daniel Cox, Sofronis Efstathiou, Steve Harper, Susan Sloan & Adam Vanner (VRG, Bournemouth Uni)