RSM Service
Refreshed Snails
We are in the process of adding new snails from our garden to our Real Snail Mail™ live enclosure in our studio. Messages will be slithering their way to you soon...
Give yourself some time
The moment you click 'send' your message travels at the speed of light to our server where it awaits collection by a real live snail. Yes, that's right we're not called real snail mail for nothing! When time is worth taking RSM is the service for you.

How it works
Our snails are equipped with a miniaturised electronic circuit and antenna, enabling them to be assigned messages. Your message is collected from a despatch centre at one end of their enclosure. Once associated with the tiny electronic chip on the snail's shell your message will be carried around until the snail chances by the drop off point. Here more hardware collects your message and forwards it to its final destination.

Real Snail Mail is just one of many innovative projects by boredomresearch see more...